I always ask my clients to tell me in their own words…
1.) How they heard about me?
2.) How I helped them?
3.) What were they looking for in a real estate agent/broker?
4.) Would they recommend me and why?

Their feedback is very important to me. Here are some of their comments via letters, emails and videos:

Janet Helmers and Tom Helmers. The executors to the estate and siblings… 820 Brookside Lane, Millbrae. Listed for $1,598,000 and sold for $1,925,000 with Multiple Offers… 

Janet and Tom Helmers - 820 Brookside Lane, Millbrae, CA

I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise in the sale of our family home on Glenwood Drive in Millbrae. We grew up in the same Millbrae Meadows neighborhood and my mom Pat and your mom Beverly were good friends. So, I knew who you were growing up and have seen all your success with the sale of homes in Millbrae over the years.

Jeff, you made the sale process of our home very smooth in my opinion. I had never been in trustee position for the sale of a family home and had not sold a home in over 25 years. So, a lot was new to me. You made the sale process of our home very smooth in my opinion. You took care of all the details and explained the whole process to me and my two sisters. We ended up with multiple offers and a sale price significantly over our asking price.

Yes Jeff, I would recommend you to anyone considering the sale of their home in Millbrae or along the San Mateo Peninsula. In fact, some people have asked who was involved with the sale of the home and some of them are in the same neighborhood. I said Jeff and his group did a really good job and made it easy.

Thanks again Jeff for all your help. Myself and my siblings appreciate all you did for us.

Ken Kohtz – 1101 Glenwood Drive, Millbrae

There There was no question in our minds who we needed to hire to sell our mother’s house in Millbrae when she passed away. She had mentioned Jeff on a number of occasions. His notepads were in every room! Jeff’s insurmountable reputation was proven from start to finish during the process of our sale. He made himself available throughout the duration of time to make certain all legalities were made clear and available to us. He left no stone unturned but most importantly, he exudes professionalism in a warm and welcoming way.  We never imagined this large transaction could have transpired so quickly and seamlessly without any setbacks; he succeeded in getting us top dollar for my mother’s property.

We would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Jeff to anyone looking to sell their home.

With much appreciation,

Karen Day/Gelfand – 1220 Ridgewood Drive, Millbrae, CA

Brian Jardarian – 9 Claremont Court, Millbrae, CA

Jeff LaMont was outstanding. We sold our house for $700,000 over asking price. His guidance on our teaser price–drove over 200 potential buyers to our Open Houses. To get top dollar, Jeff provided an amazing construction team and the winning recommendations on upgrades. His marketing, neighborhood outreach and final buyer selection make Jeff THE BEST real estate agent you could ever hire. Other agents trust Jeff and that gives you an added plus. We were selling our family home in the Millbrae Meadows which was very emotional and Jeff showed patience and kindness. If you are considering hiring Jeff…we strongly recommend you do it!

Thanks again Jeff

Marianne Pease/Ellis – 865 Robin Lane, Millbrae, CA

Jeff made it easy for us. He did everything for us basically. It was wonderful. I can’t say enough about everything Jeff did for me and my mom in selling the family home for an incredible price, which was way over our asking price. Mom has known Jeff for years. Jeff’s magnets were always there on the refrigerator. And of course, the fabulous American flags that Jeff puts out every year on the July 4th Holiday is such a nice touch. He is the neighborhood expert. So, Jeff was the person to call when we got ready to sell.

I always remember you Jeff with all the houses you sell in our neighborhood. The many offers that you produced on the house were amazing and you took care of everything for us. Thank God for your help and my daughter. Everything went smoothly. I really appreciate everything you did for me, all your help and Real Estate expertise.

Debbie & Dolores:
We both highly recommend Jeff LaMont to anyone looking to sell their home in San Mateo or along the Peninsula.

Dolores Pizzo & Debbie Fross – 1741 Roberta Drive, San Mateo, CA

Andre Sartor – 1022 Ridgewood Drive, Millbrae, CA

Process went very smoothly. It seemed like a lot to take on, selling our family home, but the process did go very smoothly thanks in large part to Jeff’s professionalism. I appreciated that very much, how very professional and knowledgeable you were Jeff when it came to our local market here in Millbrae and real estate in general.

We grew up together in the Meadows neighborhood and knew you had been around selling homes in our neighborhood for a long time. We heard very good things about you. In fact, I heard from one a neighbor on the same street who recommended you highly, as you had done a great job for them in selling his parents family home. That helped us quite a bit so when it came time to sell our home of course we called you.

You didn’t pressure us on the timing of selling our home. It went smooth very smooth Jeff. You had great trades people to get the house remodeled and prepped to go on the market and knew just the right projects to suggest to us that would pay off when we put the house on the market. You had all right connections and everybody was very trustworthy. We felt very comfortable with everybody came into our home to do the remodeling. Brian Hammel

I knew of Jeff. I’ve in his face all over the Meadows neighborhood. He’s really good at marketing homes and getting them sold for top dollars. Then he was selling my neighbor’s house, so I just contacted him. So I thought… Oh we’re going to use him anyway, so I contact him and I’m very pleased with all his work and all this coordination of everything. All his workers that he recommended to remodel and prep the house for going on the market, were very good. I was living in the house while they had quite a few of them were working. All of them were excellent, very nice, very respectful, and very professional.

I knew I could trust Jeff with this job! I had no doubts. I just hired him and told Brian my brother lets go with Jeff. He is the best…

I would highly recommend Jeff to anybody who is selling their home on the Peninsula. Jeff always responded to my calls immediately. Once again, Jeff did excellent marketing for us. After your workers did the improvement projects you recommended… everything look beautiful.

We sold the home for way over our asking price with multiple offers. Thanks for everything Jeff. We didn’t have any worries thanks to you… Lynn Hammel

Brain and Lynn Hammel - 810 Larkspur Drive, Millbrae

Randy & Vera Swanson, 1335 Ridgewood Drive, Millbrae

My family has lived in the Millbrae Meadows for over 60 years, so we know Jeff from his 4th of July flags and other promotions as well as his many for-sale signs around town.  I was unclear what my plans were for the family house and I reached out to Jeff for advice and he quickly responded that he would be happy to meet up for a chat.

Jeff showed up well prepared to chat, but mostly he just listened to the numerous thoughts and questions I had about the property In the end, I ended up listing with Jeff and that is when you start to understand the value that Jeff brings to the table.   

Having sold 100’s of houses in Millbrae, Jeff was able to pinpoint precisely what would be required to sell the house and surprisingly it was a short list of minor repairs and upgrades and Jeff has an established team of contractors and inspectors ready to step in and make magic happen. Throughout the process, I would receive updates of where we were in the defined timeline and what hurdles we need to overcome, and Jeff always had solutions.  The final product was beautiful and showed extremely well.

Your efforts to market the property, even with the extra restrictions required for COVID-19, through a variety of media assured that the listing received the widest possible exposure and ample visitors. This was my first time selling a property and I could not have made a better decision than working with Jeff LaMont who made the entire process smooth and nearly stress free.  The house ended up selling in 10 days with 13 offers and for significantly over our asking price!

I will be grateful for the time he gave me during a challenging period of my life and for your patience, support and professionalism you provided throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Jeff LaMont to anyone wanting to sell their home in Millbrae or along the Peninsula!

Heidi Bastel, 1175 Ridgewood Drive, Millbrae, CA

Years back, my father had told me that when the time came to sell the family home that I didn’t need to look any further than to Jeff LaMont. My parents were original owners in the Meadows neighborhood of Millbrae where they had lived and raised their family. My dad knew Jeff from not only seeing his name on most for sale signs but also from Jeff’s occasional visits to keep my dad apprised of current market conditions. My dad was very impressed with Jeff’s knowledge and focus on all aspects of real estate.

After my father passed and I took over as trustee to his estate, Jeff was one of my first phone calls. Jeff immediately swung into action with a precise plan to sell the home. Jeff’s team came in and swiftly prepared the home for sale. He handled the scheduling and oversaw the remodeling and staging to completion. The home sold quickly and for way above the asking price with multiple offers!  I have bought and sold many homes, but I have never had an experience as positive and easy as this one.

Thank you Jeff, you’re the best!

Marty Dillon, 1160 Glenwood Drive, Millbrae, CA

I wanted to let you know how happy we are that we had found you at a good time to sell our property.  We had tried with another agent and that did not work out.  We had known about you over the years by looking at all your for sale signs on the properties going up in our neighborhood and were sold within a week or two and always had a  sold sign up on the property

With one phone call to you, you had our property remodeled the way you thought would be best and would sell and it was definitely sold within a week and a half.  We were very impressed with the way the whole sale was handled. Jeff, you definitely have the neighborhood expertise and you are someone relatable and real. You are very honest, transparent  and trustworthy.  I have already referred you to our friends and family for future sales and purchases. 

Without the sale of our property we would not have been able to buy our new home in the East Bay that we are enjoying, so we would like to thank you for your professionalism and hard work.

Best Regards,

Anita & Pradip Maharaj, 1759 Brooks Street, San Mateo, CA

We wanted to thank you for all your help in preparing and selling our Millbrae home. Max and I have lived in the Millbrae Meadows neighborhood for many years and we always get your mailers including some of your tips on how to take care of your property as well as your annual American Flag in our front yard on July 4th.  We have also seen all of your for sale signs followed shortly thereafter by a sold sign. But with you Jeff, it was not just about the sale of homes. We always felt that you cared about our community.

We really appreciate that you have an excellent group of people to work with in preparing the home to go to the market looking great! Your painter, contractor and stager to mention a few, were fantastic. The prep work you recommended and trades people you suggested we utilize were spot on, that combined with your extensive marketing efforts helped us get a more profitable sale of our home.

We are grateful to you for all your help in selling our home and would of course highly recommend you to anyone thinking of selling their home.

Maria & Max Hikima, 970 Robin Lane & 1069 Crestview Drive Millbrae, CA

We have lived in the Millbrae Meadows area for a long time and have seen your signs all over the place. So, we just decided to go with a winner and chose you to market and sell our home. Jeff, you were fantastic! We had planned this move a while back and we wanted to hit the ground running. Everything went smoothly, we did the proper arrangements and staging. Everything that you advised us to do we followed to the book and it worked like clockwork. Imagine selling your home in one week and for way over our asking price. I have a feeling our home was the highest sale price to date in the neighborhood.  Joe

For me just being in your hands Jeff with your expertise and experience, we felt right at ease. You did everything for us. You told us everything to do and what to expect. You know when you are selling a home a lot goes into it behind the scenes with your expertise in play. You want someone you trust. Someone that will guide you in the right direction. Well Jeff, you sure guided us in the right direction. Your service and expertise was beyond our expectations. Linda

We would without hesitation recommend you to anyone looking to sell their home.

Joe and Linda Cheung, 11 Evergreen Court, Millbrae, CA

Things went exceptionally well on the sale of our home in Millbrae! I’ll share with you, it’s been an amazing experience.  Shawn and I have been thinking of moving out of state to the State of  Washington for a while. We’ve known you for quite a while Jeff. We have followed you here in the Meadows neighborhood. Evert time a home comes up for sale it’s… Oh Jeff LaMont again and the house would sell immediately and for way above asking price. That was the most critical part. I knew you could make it happen Jeff. Get our home sold quickly and for a great price. Just like you said Jeff, the house went up for sale and within 8 days it was sold for way over asking price with multiple offers. It was above and beyond my expectations. It was great!  

Again Jeff Thanks You for all your help and expertise. I want to tell you that this has changed my entire family’s life. It gave us the opportunity to move to a new area and a great home. It allowed me to have my dream come true, to retire before I hit 60. Thank you so much Jeff for everything you did for us. I whole heartily recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their home.   

Monica & Shawn Maher, 1175 Oakwood Drive Millbrae, CA

When we lived in the Millbrae Meadows neighborhood for about 5 years, I met you at a couple of open houses for listings you had in the neighborhood. You are well known in the Meadows neighborhood. From speaking with you, I got a pretty good feeling that you really knew what you were talking about when it came to the local Real Estate Market. You knew the area very well. That really stuck with me. Whenever I talked with you, it seemed that you knew what you were doing, were very professional and got great results.

So when myself and my wife Marina decided to sell our house, we said we definitely need to talk to Jeff. Our initial meeting with you confirmed that. You can across as very trustworthy and professional. So it was a pretty easy decision to list our house with you Jeff. We got a great result with the sale of our Meadows home thanks to your hard work, expertise and advice. In fact, our home sold with 8 offers for $324,000 over our asking price. 

I would without question highly recommend you Jeff, to anyone thinking of selling a home in the area. Thanks again for all your hard work on our behalf. 

Tom Chan, 1017 Crestview Drive Millbrae, CA

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for helping sell my property in the Parkside Area of San Mateo for an incredible profit! The key for me Jeff, besides your many years of experience with Real Estate on the Peninsula and in the Parkside area, is just the trust factor. You are very open and give your experience. You speak from the heart as to what you fell about the area/neighborhood. You know the area, what it can absorb sale price wise and what it can’t. That is really important to me. I may have an opinion about something real estate wise but it’s not my profession. But you being the professional that you are, it puts everything at ease. It’s so smooth. You forewarn me about what’s happening, what to expect, what to do and what to not do. You made selling my home such a smooth process.

I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. We have done three real estate transactions together and hopefully there are more real estate ventures together for us in the future. 

Danielle Guille, 1752 Roberta Drive, San Mateo, CA

Hi Jeff,

Once I decided to sell my house, you took over ( as promised ) and explained what to expect and how long it would take to sell. You also offered your trusted people to assist me by getting my house in tip top shape. I told you when my house was ready t0 sell, I wanted it to have the “WOW FACTOR”. Once you had my house staged and I walked through my front door all I could say was WOW!!!!! I was so impressed with my house that I wanted to keep it.

You were able to sell my house for $1,600,000 with multiple offers. That was more than I ever imagined. I consider you an absolute real estate genius. My friends and family were so impressed with he way you handled the whole sale process. In my circle of friends your name is considered TOP NOTCH, FIRST CLASS and GENIUS. I believe you earned every one of them.

Thank you so much for everything. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their home. 

Delfina Karp, 865 Larkspur Drive, Millbrae, CA

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for all of the ways you helped me navigate the sale of the property at 555 Palm #106 in Millbrae. From start to finish your professional and caring manner assured me that you were in my corner and wanted the very best outcome.

Your experience and connections in the community were invaluable as we prepared to sell the home. I greatly appreciated your oversight as we progressed with minor remodeling, painting, cleaning and staging the property.

With a timeline that was clear and concise, we moved steadily along to completion of the sale at well over the asking price. When I had to be traveling during this process, you kept me well informed and expedited the signing of paperwork so that when I returned everything went smoothly.

You have a solid reputation on the Peninsula and that is why I chose to work with you. Now I heartily recommend you and your service from my own experience! Very best wishes for continued success!

Karen Woida, Millbrae, CA


The process of selling the house was relatively easy. You handled most of the work, thank goodness. So it really wasn’t stressful on me. I heard of you when I walked into a condominium you were selling. You sold me my condo. I really liked you. You really, really gave me a good feeling. You were very honest. I just think you are great! You were really easy to work with as my Realtor.

You were very loyal and very hard working. You were on your vacation with your wife after the sale of my property and we had some problems come up with the buyer. You continued to work with me even though you were on vacation. It was wonderful.

Shirley Inoko, 2655 Edison Street #105 San Mateo, CA & 439 Cedar Avenue, San Bruno, CA

Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for providing us with such outstanding service in the process of selling our home. We were very fortunate to have you represent us as our Real Estate Broker. You went above and beyond to support us through a difficult time when having to cancel out another very inexperienced Realtor we were very unhappy with. Your advice and knowledge was extremely helpful to us in achieving a successful outcome!  Your talent and attention to detail in every aspect made the selling of our home stress- free. We admire your professionalism, integrity, honesty and above all your guidance and friendship. 

We appreciate all the time and hard work you put into the sale of our home and are very grateful that you represented us. We would be happy to recommend you to our family and friends, should they ever need an awesome, honest agent as yourself.

Jeff & Jauslin Jones, 132 Santa Inez, San Bruno, CA


You make selling a home for a great price easy! You have incredible knowledge of the area and the local Real Estate market and pay close attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with you Jeff and I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking of selling their home. Thanks again for all your help. A very satisfied Millbrae Customer!

Jan Furman, Millbrae, CA

Hi Jeff,

I want to commend you for your effort on the selling my home in Millbrae. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I truly appreciate your attention to detail and relentless determination you took in making sure everything went smoothly. The extra time and effort you put in guiding me through the home selling process was very helpful, as I have not sold a home in many years. Your knowledge and expertise of the Millbrae market was critical in assuring that we got top dollar for my home! You were great!

I would highly recommend you to my family and friends who are looking for the best Realtor in town, that Realtor is you!  Thank you again for being honest, efficient, professional and a joy to work with.

Rose Mehan, Millbrae, CA

Hi Jeff,

I just want to thank you once again for selling my parent’s home in Millbrae. Working with you was a pleasure. I would highly recommend you to other customers, I found your professionalism and attention to detail very helpful. It helped me so much in getting through a very difficult time in my life with the recent loss of my parents. Once again I would recommend you and Coldwell Banker to any individual trying to purchase or sell a home in the Bay Area. I am just amazed how fast and easy it was with  your help!

David Berthold, Millbrae, CA


We really appreciate all your hard work on the marketing and sale of my dad’s home in the Parkside neighborhood of San Mateo. You were recommended to me and my sister by folks in the neighborhood as a Realtor you could trust. After meeting with you, we found that you were a very good match for us. We knew you were the right Realtor to work with and in fact your marketing, expertise and professionalism exceeded our expectations, way above and beyond what we expected.

You were great to work with especially with trying to sell a home remotely, as I reside in another county and my sister resides out of the country. You were very helpful as a liaison with the workers whom you recommended to us to get the house ready to go on the market and with the buyers. We would definitely recommend you in the future!

Michael Mejia, San Mateo, CA

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you our thoughts about the fabulous job you did with the marketing and sale of our townhouse in Burlingame.  We were very impressed with your Real Estate knowledge and background. Your attitude and knowledge of our local market here on the Peninsula was just great. It really was terrific working with you on the project of selling our home. Everything was perfect from the get go Jeff! Your advice and expertise with what to do to get our home ready to go the market was spot on. Your detailed market analysis and pricing strategy designed to create a competition among prospective buyers was extremely helpful to us. I might add, we were very happy with the price we got.

Absolutely Jeff, Pat and I would be happy to recommend you to those looking to buy or sell a home here on the Peninsula. Just have them call me.

Larry Lippi, Burlingame, CA

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jeff LaMont to be chosen as your Real Estate Broker for all of your real estate needs. Jeff is an extremely dedicated and capable broker quite deserving of the task of buying or selling a home for anyone that finds them with that need. Jeff had been visiting with my father in his Millbrae home for years as he often does with many of the residents in the neighborhoods that he specializes on along the Peninsula and he left a very good impression with Dad. When my father passed away, it was a no-brainer to select Jeff as our Real Estate Broker. Jeff met with my wife Nicole and I and explained in detail the home selling process we would be going through with this probate sale.

Jeff had connections with all of the necessary “trades” folks. This led to a seamless procession of repair work and decorating ( staging of the home ) which culminated in the sale of the home which sold for 13% over our asking price. Jeff’s Real Estate strategies work in this market place in which Jeff is so familiar.  

Jeff was always reachable and made sure to contact us regularly, keeping us in the loop step-by-step. He is the consummate professional! With his abilities, adaptability and dedication, you will without a doubt be exceptionally pleased when you choose him as your Real Estate Broker.   

Steve Banks, Millbrae, CA


My sister and myself were both very impressed with you, having seen first hand, your extreme thoroughness to all the details and always keeping us “in the loop” and always giving us excellent advise about different situations as they came up. We decided with your help, knowledge and expertise in our local market place, that now would be a very good time to sell the home we inherited from our father. All of your suggestions as to how best prepare the house to put on the market were spot on, 100% good as gold, right on the money! Every one of your suggestions just turned out beautifully and Vicki and I were actually in awe as to how good the house looked. The proof of the pudding was the $103,000 over asking that we received! Amazing Jeff, just amazing. I have to say Jeff, that all of the success that we’ve had over the years with the property would not have been possible without all of your many talents and expertise!

I have to say that in my 66 years on this planet, I have never met a more hard working, dedicated, intelligent, HONEST business person in my life than you! You completely break the mold of what most people think of business people these days. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you and working with you . You made all the processes that we went through with the property a very smooth and non intimidating experience.

If I could sum up your two best attributes, they would be your “extreme attention to detail” and your “honesty and integrity”. Your name will always come up at the top of the list of recommendations for someone needing a person of your skills, talents and expertise. Thank you again Jeff, for all your help, guidance and knowledge in our business relationship . It has been a real pleasure.  

Duane Barbarotto, South San Francisco, CA

Hi Jeff,

We don’t know where to start, but let us start by thanking you for all you’ve done in helping us sell our home in San Mateo for absolutely top dollar. We kept it in your hands and the results tell the story. With your market knowledge and marketing expertise you were able to create a competition among prospective buyers for our home, resulting in 20 offers and a sale that was beyond our wildest dreams. In fact you sold our home for $217,000 above our asking price. All the countless hours you put in made all the difference in the world to us.

You are a true professional! 

We would recommend you, without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell a home along the San Mateo Peninsula. 

Brian and Jean Kuroda, San Mateo, CA

If you’re thinking about listing your home in the Millbrae area or the Peninsula and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Jeff LaMont? While it might not seem that the listing agent matters let us tell you – it does.

Not all situations are alike. You may need to sell quickly, you may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer, you might want to do improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure what will matter. Trust Jeff.

Jeff was patient. We worked the game plan together, and he gave wise counsel along the way. We did some judicious updating, tweaked the plan as we went along and we hit our goals. Most importantly, we sold our home for more than we
thought possible.

If you want a listing in the MLS and a sign in the yard, you can get that anywhere. If you want a trusted partner, we highly recommend Jeff for your residential real estate needs.

Charles and Claudia Warren, Millbrae, CA

Jeff LaMont, Real Estate Broker, is a professional’s professional! My home was open for two days and hundreds and hundreds of people came to look at the house. We receive twelve offers substantially over asking price. The house was sold in six days.

Jeff’s ideas about how to prepare the house for sale were excellent. The contractors and inspectors he recommended completely their work on schedule, completing there assigned tasks with excellence and were friendly. They explained what was necessary and completed the required reports in a timely fashion.

At the time, Jeff and I meet, realizing I was going to have to sell the house, he set up a schedule and carefully in layman’s terms explained each step of the process. He met all of his deadlines, including projected two months of advance when the house would be open for sale.

At the time of my mother’s death, a year before the house went on sale, I had no idea I would be forced to sell her house. Jeff was
always available to give me advice, what to charge renter’s, how to obtain necessary documents on the house, answering my many questions as to how to proceed. He was always available in short order, friendly, knowledgeable, and patiently answered each and every inquiry.

Jeff’s knowledge of real estate, the area my home was located, the selling process, how to prepare the house for sale, how to advertise, how to stage the house, the necessary inspections and firms to hire, simply cannot be outdone. I am a senior citizen and Jeff’s patience with me made a very difficult situation bearable and in may ways fun. Jeff is the best, I highly recommend him to anyone selling their home, especially us seniors selling our parents home.

Terry Watters, Millbrae, CA


Please accept our profound gratitude and appreciation for the performance of the most professional representation with honesty and integrity, as the listing agent for the sale of my home in Millbrae. I and my wife feel most fortunate in receiving the best guidance and advise offered by Mr. Jeff LaMont of Coldwell Banker. Indeed your valuable assistance rendered in this matter allowed us to close our transaction with the best possible value for our home.

Jeff, in our mind you are a great asset to Coldwell Banker as well as others who are preparing to sell their home. We will always recommend you as the top agent in these matters.

Alfred & Helen Azadkhanian, Millbrae, CA

Hi Jeff,

We wanted to thank you for your excellent help in finding us our home in Belmont. The great thing about working with you was you were extremely persistent, extremely patient with us. Initially we didn’t really know what we were looking for in a home. You really helped us narrow our focus, narrow down the areas/neighborhoods we were interested in looking for a home. You were able to help us figure out what we wanted out of a house. From that stand point, you did a great job working with us and our needs. As far as recommendations, we would totally recommend you to those looking to buy a home.

The other great thing about you, is that you work this area, San Mateo County. You are an expert on the San Mateo Peninsula housing market.

Yogesh & Meghana Bhumralkar, Belmont, CA


Thank you so much for your assistance in the sale of my mother’s home in San Mateo. Your expertise and guidance helped to make a difficult sales situation as smooth as possible. I selected you as our agent because I often saw your for sale signs in the neighborhood over the years and I wanted to go with an expert in the area. You proved yourself to be very knowledgeable regarding the Parkside area as well as other east side San Mateo areas. Your suggestions for improvements and staging the home were both cost effective and appropriate for the home and the neighborhood. In addition, I appreciate the patience you displayed in working with me as the trustee of my mother’s estate. It was nearly two years from the time I first contacted you to the day the home closed. You were very understanding of the family situation and did not pressure me in any way to move forward at a quicker pace.

We benefited of it turned out from the delay, as home prices rose considerably during this time. But I never imagined we would achieve the sale price we did. Having a good strategy, which included preparing the house for sale, making it shine and then pricing it a little below market, resulted in multiple offers and a competition among buyers that was truly not to be believed.

My mother’s home was the legacy she left to her children. She would have been so pleased with what we achieved. Thanks you so much for everything you did to help us along the way.

Lori Randich, San Mateo, CA

We couldn’t be more pleased with Jeff LaMont and his handling of the sale of our Millbrae home. What a terrific result! Jeff was the stand out from the beginning when we asked several local real estate agents for valuations of our property. We were impressed by his warm, personable yet professional manner; as well as his knowledge of our neighborhood. He is the “Millbrae Meadows Man”. We had no hesitation in entrusting the sale of our home to him.

From the very beginning, Jeff had a clear vision of how to present the property our home to its best advantage. Jeff put together a very impressive and effective marketing program with energy and enthusiasm. The brochure and virtual tour were superb!

Jeff kept us well informed of developments throughout. He displayed marvelous patience in dealing with us and our individual idiosyncrasies. He was always available to us. We took our time in making decisions but Jeff was unflappable.

He has really gone beyond our expectations in selling our home in just one week and well over asking price! Not only has he created a smooth process in the sale of our home, he also put us in touch with another agent to assist with our relocation outside of the Bay Area. Jeff is clearly “a gem” and far surpasses all other real estate agents!

We unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Jeff to anyone considering selling their home. Their interests will be in the safest hands. On behalf of our family Jeff Thanks so much!

Erick & Michelle Heinenman, Millbrae, CA

Jeff LaMont represented our family in the sale of our family home of 29 years in Millbrae. A friend recommended Jeff to us because he said Jeff is a really hard worker. Whenever he passed Jeff’s office in San Mateo we always saw Jeff’s car parked there late into the hours of the evening.

We appreciated Jeff’s attention to all the details. His many years of experience helped to price the property correctly and guide us to a successful sale almost immediately after the first open house. He has great follow through and nothing was left unfinished.

We would recommend Jeff unconditionally. He answered all questions we had regarding the sale and the transaction was very smooth.

Jean Mah and Family, Millbrae, CA

To anyone who is looking for an excellent real estate agent, we give our highest recommendation on behalf of Jeff LaMont. As out of state transplants to the Bay Area, we were quite unfamiliar with the local housing market as we began the search for our first home. Early in our search we had some brief, limited experience with a few agents but they quickly fell out of favor with us because we felt that our needs and desires did not seem to be their priority.  Then we happened to meet someone at a friend’s party who enthusiastically referred us to Jeff and it turned out to be the best experience that we could have ever imagined.

From the very beginning Jeff was always very professional, personable, and organized.  We always found him to be very hard working, dependable, and quite knowledgeable about the current market values and trends.  Considering this was our first home search, he was also very patient with us as we were learning the ropes along the way, and we never felt that he was pushing in directions that weren’t in our interests or goals.

Based on our previous agent experiences, and even compared to our friends’ recent experiences with other agents in their own housing searches, it is very clear to us that Jeff is an exceptional professional who is in a class far above and beyond the norm. We will definitely be contacting him for our next home search, and we HIGHLY recommend him to all of our friends and colleagues.

John & Semi Lim, Millbrae, CA


As new home buyers we were looking for agent who was responsive, local and very knowledgeable about the area.You fit the bill prefectly. As first time homebuyers we appreciated your expertise and hard work. You handled all the nuisances and details. On every house we bid on you pretty much knew what the home would ultimately sell for. It was great working with you. We would recommend you absolutely.

Jeff Lee & Nancy Ma, San Bruno , CA

Hi Jeff,

I think I won the real estate equivalent of the lottery!  You are my first encounter with a real estate professional.  I did a search on the Internet for San Mateo, California, realtors.  You were one of many that appeared in the search results.  You were the first one I called.  There was absolutely no reason to call anyone else.

I was tasked, as the trustee of my mother’s trust/estate, to sell her house in San Mateo.  Jeff made this process a totally painless endeavor.  He went through every step of suggesting and helping with minor repairs, contractors, and inspections.  He assembled a beautiful and very precise binder of information regarding the neighborhood real estate scene and the ranges of prices offered and expected sales.  The on-line sales presentation/slide show was perfect.  From the time the house went on the market to closing was less than six weeks!  Following the acceptance of the offer, Jeff was always ahead of the curve.  I live in Washington state and all the paper work and signatures were conducted via e-mail (without a hitch).  Jeff is absolutely a tireless professional.  I called “after-hours” a number of times and he always answered my calls and was very helpful.

If you need a real estate professional, Jeff is beyond reproach.  I am confident that there are not many like Jeff.  I cannot imagine a better person to have on your side while purchasing or selling a home.  I would recommend Jeff without hesitation.

Gary Perasso, San Mateo, CA & Lacy , WA

I remember the Sunday afternoon about 4 months ago when we decided we were ready to be homeowners. Later that same day with our customary impatience and barely containing our excitement, we decided to walk into the Coldwell Banker office in downtown San Mateo. I was almost certain we were not going to find someone to help us so late on a Sunday but to our surprise Jeff was there. Jeff walked us through the entire process that afternoon and was almost as excited as we were to get us started in this stage of our life. That moment we knew this was the person we were looking for.

First he referred us to an excellent loan officer that helped us realize how important it is to know the difference between what you can afford and what you feel comfortable spending. Jeff was ever respectful of the budget we had set to buy a property. He showed us exactly what we could get for our money depending on the neighborhood. By listening to our observations of the houses we first visited he knew exactly what we were looking for and set out to find that perfect house. It was not long before we found the house we envisioned; but we never felt pressured to make a decision quickly. When we decided to make an offer, Jeff worked hard to make sure we paid a fair price for the property. The process was simple and painless and he was always available to us.

Jeff is a hard working individual, very dedicated and easy to get along with. He is a great Realtor for two simple reasons: (1) he loves what he does, he enjoys looking for houses and gets as excited as you are at every step of the way, but also and most importantly, (2) at the end of the day, he wants you to make the best decision for yourself. Jeff also recommended to us many contractors that have done an excellent, fairly priced remodeling job on our new home. We had an excellent experience and strongly recommend Jeff. Without Jeff we would be homeless.

Eda Canales & Ana Gonzales, San Mateo, CA

Hi Jeff,

Now that the sale of my parent’s home is complete, I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did. The many years you visited my parents helped to build a trusting relationship which was incredibly important on the sale of their home of 50 years.

You and your team at Coldwell Banker were able to handle getting the estimates with your various contractors, the large and small repairs needed, the numerous contract negotiations and some unexpected legal questions, making the sale as quick and smooth as it could have been. You always explained everything completely and carefully and stepped in whenever you could help.

I would recommend you work whole heartily and would be happy to speak to any prospective client if they had questions. From the entire family, thanks for everything.

Roberta Bechtel, Millbrae, CA

If you are looking for an experienced, competent, easy to work with Realtor, you could not find a better candidate than Jeff LaMont. My parents had lived in their home in San Mateo on the Marina Lagoon for 52 years!  As the years progressed it became increasing clear that they could no longer stay in their home safely with their current health problems.  It was not easy convincing my Father to move.

Jeff knew their neighborhood intimately.  I would say he is the expert realtor to see in San Mateo and the Peninsula.  He always kept in touch with my parents throughout the years and never pushed them or made them feel pressured to sell.  When it came time for me to sell their home, I knew exactly who to go to for the best advice.  Jeff guided me and my Father through the process with extreme patience and sensitivity.  I also appreciated his very quick responses to my questions whether by phone or e-mail. Jeff suggested some updating for the home which was “spot on” correct.  I feel that we worked very well together as a team.  I would even say it was a “seamless” experience. All of his suggestions including price point, renovation ideas and staging were perfect. The house sold within a week for over our asking price.

Trust and good ethics are very important to me, and I never once felt that Jeff had given us any less than perfect service.  I can recommend him very highly. Thank you Jeff!  It was a pleasure working with you.

Donna Weingarten, San Mateo, CA

This letter is to Highly recommend anyone who is considering using Jeff LaMont as their broker. My husband and I are both licensed real estate brokers and owners of a property management company and had been trying to sell our home in Millbrae for over six months. We had heard from neighbors that Jeff was the “Millbrae expert” and realizing we needed help in a difficult market, made an appointment to meet with him. Within minutes of his professional presentation we decided to hire him and made all of the changes he suggested. His pricing strategy was backed up with up-to-date and accurate market information and the cosmetic and staging changes he suggested really made a difference.

Within 60 days of hiring Jeff, we were in contract. The escrow proceeded quickly and smoothly and we left everything in Jeff’s capable hands. We have since closed the sale and purchased our dream home up in Sonoma. We truly believe that we would still be in the Millbrae property if not for Jeff LaMont. We were more than pleased with his performance from start to finish.

Matt & Meagan Berube, Millbrae, CA

I would like to recommend to buyers and sellers that they give strong positive consideration to working with Jeff LaMont as their Realtor. Our family hired Jeff to list our parent’s home in Millbrae and he did a very good job in preparing us and the house for sale. He understands the market well with its pricing and sales dynamics. Jeff is also well aware of the steps necessary to prepare the house for sale including lining up the necessary inspections and assisting us in addressing the local ordinances and mundane elements of real estate transactions that must be handled.

Jeff does a great job in marketing using tried and tried and true sales promotions and modern e-commerce initiatives to elicit interest in the home and in the neighborhood. He knows the Peninsula well and his solid reputation and competence helped make the process go smoothly. We recommend Jeff be strongly considered.

Jim Bechter, Millbrae, CA

Jeff was referred to my wife and I by our friends who had bought a house with him several years ago.  Our friends told us how helpful and patient Jeff was with them when they were first-time homebuyers like us.  We also interviewed another Realtor we had shortlisted but Jeff was head and shoulders above this other Realtor in terms of experience, knowledge of the Peninsula and a homeowner’s network.

When we were searching, Jeff helped us understand what was most important to us, what we should look for in our first purchase, and was able to spot things my wife and I would have missed.  Once we were ready to purchase he was very patient and guided us through every step of the process.  He was always available to answer questions and scheduled appointments around our schedule.  He made the whole process very smooth and it went off without a hitch. After moving in, we realized we had a lot of minor work to do.  Jeff’s references made that all very easy. Every reference he gave were top notch professionals that did great work at very competitive prices. My wife and I would recommend him to anyone we know who is looking for not only a great Realtor for the purchase, but a business partner that continues to help throughout the homeowners lifecycle.

Anthony & Christina Alvarado, Redwood City, CA


I would like to thank you for our assistance in selling my home. Having never bought or sold a home before, I needed to hire a Realtor who was an expert in their field. Yet, someone who could and would guide me through the entire process of selling my home. I also needed someone who was going to be respectful as to where I was in the grieving process of having recently lost my mother.

Well, Jeff you provided all of that and so much more. I cannot begin to express how truly grateful I am that you were my Realtor in this transaction. Not only did you sell my home in 10 days As Is, but you were able to get a great price. You were truly AMAZING!!!!

I am more than happy to refer you to anyone who is looking for a Realtor, and I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future in finding my “forever” home. Thank you again for everything!!!!

Dana Rahlmann, Millbrae, CA


You were so organized throughout the process of marketing and selling our home in Millbrae. Your analysis of our home’s value was so professional and turned out to be very accurate. I trust your knowledge of our local market.”

Veronica Chang, Millbrae, CA

We highly recommend Jeff LaMont and here is why; We knew we had to sell our house, but we had time to do it, so Jeff helped us plan it all and executed it like a political campaign! He got us 6 bids, $30K over our asking price and sold our house just five days after coming onto the market – who can beat that in a down economy?!! We had planned to move our family from San Mateo to New York in  mid-January and have our house put on the market by end of February. We selected Jeff because he is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate situation in our area. Within 6 weeks of time, Jeff found us 4 vendors and oversaw the remodeling of the kitchen, refinishing the hardwood floors, landscaping as well as staging of our house to make it look like a gem! He worked with us to establish a budget and identify the projects/improvements that would best boost the appeal and market value of our home.

Jeff had excellent time management and communication skills; and that is KEY when your house is getting sold. Once we were settled in New York, Jeff was our lifeline, and he was constantly updating us, and scanning offers, forms and documents for us to review and discuss. He knew when to call, he knew what to call about – he took care of all the “little things”, and made sure we knew all the facts in order to make an informed decision. From the open house to the final closure of the escrow there must have been dozens of emails and teleconferences and Jeff carried us through the process.

If anyone had any doubt about how useful a real estate agent can be – check out Jeff LaMont because he works hard for you. He wants the sale and he lets you leverage his good name and reputation. Jeffrey LaMont is your man!

Charles & Claire Dupin de Saint Cyr, San Mateo, CA

Jeff did a fabulous job with the marketing and sale of our home in San Mateo. He and his team of trades people gave us excellent suggestions on improvements designed to maximize the desirability and sale price of our home. He got us a great price in a challenging market. Jeff is “The Man”, when it comes to selling homes in San Mateo.

Bobby & Joyce Kim, San Mateo, CA


My family and I would like to say thank you for being there for my father. His decision to sell the house he and my mom called HOME since 1965 was a difficult one for him.However, Dad knew that as he approached 90, living in and maintaining his home, was becoming increasingly difficult. You are kind, patient and understanding. While marketing his house, keeping your appointments, presenting offers, giving advice, having dinners with my father, escorting him to places he could move to, you were successful in orchestrating a win-win result for both my father and the buyers of his home. I am a Realtor and your efforts and success are what all Realtors should set their sights on.

Robert Scialanga, Millbrae, CA

This letter is to serve as a reference for Jeff LaMont who was my real estate agent in a recent home purchase. I am very grateful to have worked with such a competent and dedicate person. Jeff preformed exemplary work that helped turn a challenging undertaking into a wonderful experience.

Jeff was very professional and thorough throughout the whole process – starting with finding exact matches to meet my needs/wants, stepping me through every aspect of the offer process, advising on financing options and his rentless ability to negotiate the best deal. Jeff has a wealth of experience and knowledge of real estate and about the nuances of financing. I am delighted to recommend Jeff’s services to anyone contemplating a real estate transaction.

Danielle Guille, Pacifica, CA


Thank you for all your expert assistance and guidance with selling our home in Millbrae. Your insight and professional manner enabled everyone involved to be very happy with the outcome. You certainly delivered on your claim of knowing our local market as well as correct pricing. We also appreciate your experience in staging the home as we went about arranging for the best look.

We don’t know when we will dive back into the home market, but there’s no doubt in our mind who we’ll want to represent us when the time comes.

Tom Defiglio & Charlene Ying Chew, Millbrae, CA

Jeff LaMont was referred to me by a friend who contracted Jeff to sell her townhouse.  Upon meeting Jeff I immediately found him to be professional, friendly and motivated to list our home on Barclay Way in Belmont. Jeff presented a thorough market analysis of homes in the area to assist in pricing our home.  Once the process got going we both found it to be more challenging than expected – the market for one and the multiple stairs.  Neither of these deterred Jeff from his determination.  He held weekly open houses including two twilight tours.  He visited other comparable homes on the market to better assist him in his strategies.  Jeff was always thinking outside the box when it came to marketing my home.  He always came prepared. Based on my experience Jeff LaMont will work hard for clients and get the job done.

Kaela Hanrahan, Belmont, CA


I would like to thank you for handling the sale of my mother’s home in Millbrae, California. You had been recommended to us by a fellow agent down the Peninsula as an expert for the Millbrae area. When we met, I was impressed with your marketing plan and suggestions you made to prepare the house for the market. In addition, the contractors you recommended to me to help with the repairs were professional, returned all calls promptly and completed the work in a timely manner. All of the improvements you recommended definitely made a difference in the appearance of the home.

Once on the market, I was pleased with your expertise in handling the offers and keeping me informed as to their progress. I was pleased that in this market the home sold in two weeks and the escrow closed promptly. I have dealt with many agents over the years and have never had an agent keep me so informed as to the progress of the sale. I appreciate your professional help and would recommend your services to other potential clients.

Joel Payne, Millbrae, CA

Hi Jeff,

Shirley and I would like to thank you for the splendid work you did selling our house in Millbrae. We’re especially grateful for the hours you spent going over the papers with us, patiently explaining the intricacies of real estate law, working out the best deal and handling all those little details that were far beyond our meager expertise. Your help was invaluable. You walked us through every step of the way and your friendly manner eased much of the burden that we couldn’t possibly have managed alone. There were times when I wondered if this is what Realtors are supposed to do. It certainly went way beyond the call of duty. Again, thanks for everything. I don’t know what we would have done without you.

Shirely & Walter Blum, Millbrae, CA

At the same time that we re selling our townhouse in Burlingame we were simultaneously trying to buy a new house in Walnut Creek. During the month of November it seemed as though nothing was going our way and we were both very stressed. The one “constant” during the entire month was Jeff. He made selling our place a breeze. He prepared a comprehensive and realistic assessment of the value of our property and gave us tips on staging and preparing for open houses. In just 13 days we sold our place for $760,000 which was within 4% of our listing price. Jeff was a real pro throughout the entire process. One of his best attributes was communication. We never had to chase him down to get answers. He was always touching base with us every 1-2 days. It was so comforting to know that he was working for us literally 24/7. We won’t hesitate to use Jeff again and we’ll definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Paul & Michelle Jewel, Burlingame, CA


I just wanted to write you a note letting you know how much I have appreciated your help in getting me into my new home. I have dealt with two realtors prior to obtaining you and I have to say that you were a breath of fresh air. As you know, you were the realtor for me, the buyer and also for the seller. I was pleased at how you were able to “wear both hats” You were not only able to advise me on what to do with my best interest foremost, but you were also able to advise the seller what was in their best interest as well. You did all of this without your personal financial benefit clouding your judgment. I felt no pressure  to put in a bid I was not comfortable with and your advice was crucial in helping me come up with a reasonable offer. I am a firm believer that the little things are what counts. You were always available to answer any questions I had and if I happened to get your answering machine I would always get a phone call back within a few minutes. I want you to know that I would recommend you to anyone who wants an honest, fair  and dependable Realtor. You have made this a pleasurable transaction.

Shirley Nicholas, San Mateo, CA


“My husband and I are writing this letter to let Jeff LaMont know what a great job he did in selling our house for us in San Mateo. He met with us a few times before we could put the house on the market and was very professional and very helpful. The suggestions he made for making the house presentable were right on target. Jeff took care of setting up for all the needed reports and made excellent folders with the information, making it easy for potential buyers to see all the information. It turned out our house sold before the open house even happened and Jeff helped immensely with the other Realtor and their clients. The whole process was so very smooth and almost non-stressful thanks to Jeff. If we ever have a need for another home, we would definitely call Jeff for his knowledge and helpfulness. Thanks again to Jeff LaMont for his expertise and help in selling our home.”

Terry and Bobbe Johnson, San Mateo, California

“We have now been in our new home for about a month now. Without your help we would not be here. We want to thank you for handling the purchase of our second home in such a professional manner. We were confident when we signed with you as our purchase agent and our confidence proved correct.”

Jim & Janet Bollier, San Mateo, California

“My Sister, Teri Hyde and I would like to thank you for your help and support you provided to us in  completing the recent sale of our mother’s home on Nash Drive in San Mateo. Your professional expertise was invaluable in determining the listing price. Your efforts in marketing the property through a variety of media assured that the listing received the widest possible exposure. We feel these efforts were instrumental in the quick sale of the property. We were pleased with the attention you gave us and have no hesitation in recommending your services and support to any other potential clients. Thank you for making a potentially difficult experience as effortless as is was.”

John Benanti and Terri Hyde, San Mateo, California

“We had engaged the services of  Mr. Jeff LaMont, Real Estate Broker, for assisting us not only in searching for a new home along the San Mateo Peninsula, but also in selling our existing home in San Mateo. We have found Jeff to be very responsible and extremely patient in handling his assignments. He never missed any appointments or scheduled tasks. In fact without pressuring us, he has willingly waited for us to choose a suitable house in the desired neighborhood. In addition, we have found Jeff to be very knowledgeable and resourceful in providing sound advice and solutions whenever required. We therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jeff LaMont for any Real Estate services.”

Richard and Radhika Gehant, Belmont, California formerly of San Mateo, California

“I met Jeff LaMont when he was selling the house next door to my mother’s home in Millbrae. I was so impressed with how the house looked and his professional manner, I decided to use his services when the time came to sell her home. When my mother passed away, my sisters and I met with Jeff and were impressed with his presentation and contracted him at Coldwell Banker to sell the house. Jeff pays incredible attention to detail and was able to recommend many fine contacts we needed to spruce up the house. He stayed in touch through the while process. We followed all of Jeff’s recommendations and as a result, the house sold above the asking price in one week! Without reservation, all three of us recommend Jeff as a Realtor and would be happy to talk to you in prson if you need further information.”

Jerold Janks, Diane Tatro and Lynnette Waterson of Foster City, Burlingame and San Carlos respectively.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism and expertise in the recent sale of my home in Millbrae. From start to finish I never had to worry about the transaction, because I knew you would handle it. It turned out to be far easier than I ever expected because you took care of everything. One of my favorite marketing tools that you used was “SeeitBuyit.com”. When the house was on the market, I was able to look at the website and see how many people had looked at the house. Again, I want to thank you for making this a very pleasant experience.”

Nadine Ditto, Millbrae, California

“I want to thank you so very much for helping us with the sale of our home. Your help and that of Coldwell Banker were valuable and instrumental in the sale. Your recommendations for the small details of putting our home on the market, timing and pricing were all good help. I appreciate all the attention and follow up you so willingly provided. You have done a fine job representing us and making sure all was in order. The open houses, the web sites, the documentation and advertising were handled nicely and I believe helped with the sale. It is nice to be able to look back and see how your help was there and how well it all came together.”

Pete & Leslie Forni, Burlingame, California

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the excellent manner you showed when you handled the sale of our home. You were always available if we had a question and gave us good advice regarding the right selling price. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for guiding my wife through the selling process while I was away in the hospital. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wishes to buy or sell their home. It would be a very satisfying experience for them, using you for all their real estate needs.”

John & Margaret Munroe, Millbrae, California

“Just a note to say Thank You for representing us as our Real Estate Agent in the sale of our home. Although the market has slowed down considerably, through your persistence, the use of the computer, virtual imaging and modern technology, you were able to sell our property. It was nice that you were there through all phases of the selling process. Everything was handled in a very professional manner.”

Bob & Iva Ritchie, Millbrae, California

“In July, my wife and I moved to the San Francisco Area from the East Coast. The move was job related. With a referral from a co-worker, we contacted Jeff LaMont to assist us in finding a new home. In September, we purchased our home in the San Mateo area. Jeff’s knowledge of the Peninsula with respect to price, quality of life and resale value are unparalleled. Within two months, he helped us find a house we could afford in a very unaffordable market. The entire process from deciding on a bid to closing escrow made a very stressful time in our lives, that much easier with Jeff’s help. In the high tech world of the Bay Area, knowledge is power, and Jeff has it. If you’re planning on buying a home in the area, you need the right Real Estate Agent. We would recommend that you put your trust in Jeff LaMont. We are glad we did.”

Bruce & Elyce Goldberg, San Mateo, California

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your assistance and patience with the recent sale of my former home and purchase of my new home. At all steps in the process, you showed a high degree of integrity and fairness, qualities I highly value in business partners. You kept my interests at heart, always balancing the needs of both transactions.”

Jean Tully, San Carlos, California formerly of San Mateo, California

“Jeff LaMont is truly one of a kind, and let me tell you why. Both my wife and I were first time home buyers in a very tight and frustrating market. Emotions and tensions were understandably at their peak because of the uncertainties that go along with making the biggest investment decision of one’s life for the first time. Jeff managed to quell all uncertainties and quickly worked to alleviate tensions, with his natural way of explaining clearly, patiently and logically, how things worked and what to expect next. Jeff was always available and constantly “on top of it”. He acted as a superb negotiator, allowing both myself and the seller to agree on terms that met everyone’s needs. As a result, my wife and I now own a wonderful home in Redwood Shores, a beautiful area we never thought we would manage to get into in such a tight market.”

Andre & Aida Kessler, Redwood Shores, California

“This letter is to acknowledge the wonderful service that you provided me in selling my home in Burlingame. It is important that I take the time to write you this letter because I find in this busy and mass-produced world we live in, individuals that actually take the time to give quality service are very rare. You, Jeff are one of these individuals. I would use you again in a Real Estate transaction and I would highly recommend your services in the San Mateo area.”

Kate McCarthy, Burlingame, California

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to express our gratitude for all your help which lead to the purchase of our new home in Foster City. The house is wonderful and your expertise and knowledge certainly lead the way to a successful negotiation. I was really impressed that you kept an eye on the house we were interested in, even though the price seemed to be out of my ballpark. You really put us in the right place at the right time! Maryclaire and I will always be grateful to you for that.”

Bill & Maryclaire Horan, Foster City, California

“Selling a home is a major decision– especially in one’s later years!! We feel most fortunate in having had you as our Real Estate agent. The guidance, knowledge, helpfulness and patience you showed us were greatly appreciated.”

Dan & Maxine Coleman, Millbrae, California